Dependable Kerosene Delivery on the North Fork

Burt’s Reliable provides kerosene for Long Island homes and businesses

Do you use kerosene to keep your North Fork home or business warm?

If so, you know that it can sometimes be hard to find kerosene delivery. We invite you to take a look at Burt’s Reliable, which has long been the kerosene delivery service that so many in eastern Long Island, from Calverton to Cutchogue, know that they can count on.

Who uses kerosene on Long Island’s North Fork?

Long Island kerosene delivery companyYou may have thought that using kerosene for heating gave way long ago to heating oil, natural gas and propane, but there are still a lot of families and businesses in our area that use it. And Burt’s Reliable is here to serve them.

Who uses kerosene? To begin, people who own mobile homes and other homes that do not have basements. Without basements, the tank for your heating fuel must be outside. It gets cold outside here on the North Fork. That cold can create a problem if you use No. 2 heating oil, the most common heating oil.

In cold weather, heating oil can begin what is called gelling— when heating oil thickens in the cold. If heating oil gels, it can reduce or possibly even block the flow of fuel into your heating system. That can shut your system down and lead to some expensive repairs. But you won’t have that problem with kerosene, because kerosene doesn’t gel.

Kerosene’s other advantage is that it offers versatility. Not only can it run your home’s heating system, but it can also be used for fueling stoves and lanterns. That comes in handy during a power outage.

You don’t need a special tank to store your kerosene. It can be kept in the same high-quality tanks that Burt’s Reliable offers for heating oil users.

Burt’s Reliable is your Long Island kerosene go-to

For more than a century, Burt’s Reliable has been eastern Long Island’s leader in fuel delivery and equipment service. We serve most of Suffolk County, including Riverhead, Wading River, and Aqueboge.

We know the North Fork better than any other provider. And we’ve stayed in business since 1917 by being a fuel delivery service company that residents and businesses trust to be there when they need us.

Burt’s Reliable offers not only delivery of heating oil and kerosene, but also plumbing services, and installation, service and repair of heating and cooling equipment. The payment and delivery options for heating oil and kerosene available from Burt’s Reliable are designed to fit your needs, your schedule and your budget.

Burt’s Reliable also has cold-season protection for the many summer vacation homes in eastern Long Island. Our vacation home protection plan is also for locals who are going to be away for an extended period during the winter. One of the key services of the Burt’s Reliable vacation home protection plan is that we’ll make sure your home has enough kerosene or heating oil to keep it heated during the winter.

Whether you live in Manorville or Mattituck, Eastport or Greenport, if you need kerosene for your home or business on the North Fork of Long Island, Burt’s Reliable is the fuel provider to use! Contact us to learn more about our kerosene delivery and become a customer!