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Averaging energy costs takes the shock out of high seasonal fuel-usage spikes.

EZ Pay Budget Plan Chart

Generally, there are two times of year when families need the most money from their paychecks: during winter holidays and summer vacations.

Unfortunately, these are also the times when your fuel costs spike tremendously, as you heat your home during the winter storm season and cool it during summer heat waves.

Burt’s Reliable helps North Fork families avoid this budgeting nightmare by spreading your home heating oil delivery costs out evenly over 12 months.

We estimate your annual fuel bill by looking at your own history or that of your neighborhood, and dividing it by 12. With your credit card on file, we simply deduct your lower, scheduled payments automatically, so you can plan your monthly costs more accurately and avoid higher peak season payments.

Near the end of your 12-month contract, we will compare the estimated costs with the actual costs.

Should you have slightly underpaid, we will charge the balance due.

Should you have slightly overpaid, we will credit the overage to your next annual Payment Plan.

Take the sting out of high seasonal energy costs – sign up for a Burt’s Reliable Payment Plan today!

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