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Heating equipment maintenance in North Fork.

Save on repairs, replacements, and energy costs with Burt’s Reliable heating service plans.

Call us in to perform periodic maintenance on your heating equipment, and you will enjoy benefits such as:

  • Reduced fuel consumption to achieve optimal warmth.
  • Lower heating costs due to less fuel usage.
  • Fewer peak season equipment failures because we spot and repair worn parts before they break.
  • Longer heating equipment life, because a boiler or furnace running in peak operating condition will last longer due to reduced wear and tear on mechanical parts.
  • Better environmental protection by cutting unnecessary fuel emissions.

Spend a little money occasionally – save a lot of money for years to come

With today’s better equipment, annual tune-ups are often unnecessary – but  it does pay, in the many ways mentioned above, to call us in to take a look at your heating equipment’s wear and tear occasionally.

We will clean each system thoroughly, lubricate and oil as needed, and replace any worn parts.

Not only do we have a large number of North Fork customers who take advantage of our Service Plans, we also perform these services as part of our vacation home maintenance services.

Burt’s Reliable can inspect and service all makes and models of heating equipment. See how affordable our Service Plans can be for you – call today!

Contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss which heating service plan options are best for you.