New Ecobee3 Gives You Complete Control

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Smart thermostats have been helping homeowners keep their homes comfortable while lowering their energy costs for some time now. Models like the Ecobee Smart Si let you manage heating and cooling remotely from your smartphone, and even send you low-temperature alerts, which is a nice feature for our snowbirds.

The Ecobee3 takes “smart” to a whole new level. Unlike a typical thermostat, which monitors the temperature in a single location (usually a hallway), this system uses multiple sensors throughout your home to monitor the temperature in every room.

Plus, motion detectors allow the Ecobee3 to adjust when it senses that the room is occupied. And when used with an Apple HomeKit, you can integrate the Ecobee3 with all the smart systems in your home — temperature, lights, even locks — giving you total control, no matter where you are.

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