Why Worry About Deliveries?

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Most of our customers are on an automatic heating oil delivery schedule. Why not join them? Our computer system can track how much heating oil your home will typically use, based on how cold it is outside. We will deliver fuel automatically, usually when your tank reaches one-quarter full.

Gremlin tank monitor

We also embrace the latest technology for predicting and determining customer demand, including the Gremlin™ tank monitor. This tracks your actual usage and alerts us when it’s time to fill your tank. The Gremlin is a perfect solution for customers who have less predictable fuel usage, especially those with second homes or ancillary heat sources.

As long as your Wi-Fi is turned on, we can track your real-time fuel usage via an encrypted connection, and then deliver fuel when you need it — eliminating the hassle of run-outs. You can monitor your tank levels as well, via an easy-to-use mobile app.

Call us to see if you qualify for a tank monitor, which we can install in just 15 minutes!

Ecobee thermostat

Now is a great time to install an Ecobee thermostat.
Read more about the Ecobee here.