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From fuel delivery to HVAC sales and support, Burt’s Reliable is, well, just that.

Whether you own a North Fork vacation home or are a vacation home property manager, you can rely on Burt’s Reliable to keep all of your property’s heating, cooling and plumbing systems running smoothly both in and out of season.

You can also depend on us to make sure your home’s heating oil and/or kerosene tanks always have the fuel necessary to operate trouble-free regardless of the demands of each season.

In-season property support…

When families or renters are enjoying a Long Island summer vacation, the last thing they want is for their energy systems to fail. The air conditioner had better be working. The showers and toilets had best be running. And the heating oil should be in full supply.

Should any equipment happen to break down, your service company must respond quickly, work quietly and efficiently, and leave with the repair or replacement problem solved.

As a summer resident or home rental provider, you can expect this support from Burt’s Reliable. We know that whether you want summer fun or profits, the key to a great vacation home is one that functions dependably without complaint under even the heaviest summer use.

…and off-season, too!

During fall, winter and early spring, many Long Island vacation homes are either lightly used or closed entirely. But that doesn’t mean the forces of nature take a break too.

In fact, as demanding as rental season can be on a home’s energy systems, a stormy Long Island winter can be even worse.

That is why many homeowners and property managers hire us to look in on things during the off-season, even when the home is vacant.

We will shut down the water, tune up the equipment, check fuel levels, and generally keep the home both winterized and ready to go for the next warm season.

No one needs to call us – we simply set up an action plan before the off-season, you give us a set of keys, and we take care of everything while you enjoy your winter holidays.

We’ll provide you with full reports and contact you should we need approvals for any repairs or replacements.

Do you own or maintain a North Fork vacation property? Hire Burt’s Reliable today!

Contact us to learn more about why over 1,800 customers currently trust us with their vacation home keys and services. Enjoy trouble-free energy support for your vacation home all year long!