Ask the Expert

Burt’s Reliable only staffs certified and highly trained technicians.

Q: My husband is a tinkerer, but I’ve told him not to touch the boiler. Am I wrong?
A: Although we encourage you to be familiar with how your heating system operates (and if you have a steam boiler, to flush it occasionally to remove sediment), please leave any mechanical work to us.

Today’s oil heating equipment is very complex and requires the skill of a licensed service technician to keep it in good working order. That’s why we invest a great deal of time and money on training our technicians — to be sure they are prepared to diagnose and fix virtually any type of equipment problem.

So if your furnace or boiler isn’t working properly, the only “tool” you should pick up is the phone. One of our certified and highly trained oil heat technicians will come to your home, size up the situation and get your equipment safely repaired.