We’re Your Friend and Neighbor

Burt’s Reliable - Martin Romanelli

Dear Friends,

These days, more people than ever are tempted to go searching for the “best deal.” But where heating fuel is concerned, it’s virtually impossible to get stability, dependable service and trustworthy pricing at a big discount.

By staying with Burt’s Reliable, you can always count on reliable neighborhood service — the kind you can’t put a price on! I’m very proud that our team always comes through for our customers no matter what. When the weather really turns cold or big snow storms happen, our people work extremely long hours — including weekends — all so that our customers will not be left in the cold.

As a full service company, we not only provide you with fuel, we install and service the equipment that heats and cools your home. We’re also licensed plumbers, ready to handle problems large and small.

If you have a heating emergency, we answer the phone 24/7, and we always have a technician on call. Our staff is courteous and professional, and our technicians are knowledgeable.

And no matter what fuel you buy from us or what program or service you secure, we back it up with nearly 100 years of commitment to our customers.

So you can rest assured that whatever the rest of winter brings us, we’re here for you when you need us — just like a good friend or neighbor.

Martin Romanelli