Good News About Oil Prices

Dear Friends,

The energy revolution has created a huge surge in oil production in the United States. This has helped plunge oil prices to their lowest level in six years. We’re finally starting to see the impact at the gas pump, and it is filtering into the wholesale cost of heating oil as well. That’s good news for all of us.

Meanwhile, natural gas customers have not been as fortunate. Last winter, natural gas prices spiked because pipelines could not distribute enough fuel. This year again, we saw natural gas prices rise at the very time oil prices were falling.

All of this goes to show that deciding to convert to natural gas based on temporary pricing levels is risky business. Oil, natural gas and electricity prices all rise and fall on a regular basis, but in unpredictable ways. Switching fuels to capture a temporary price advantage in one fuel has always been like trying to time the stock market.

By sticking with Burt’s Reliable and our Natural Heating Oil™, you are using a fuel that is cleaner than natural gas. Plus, by upgrading to a new high-efficiency oil heating system, you can save energy and keep your heating bills reasonable without sacrificing an ounce of comfort.

Martin Romanelli