Tips from Our Plumbers

Water faucet

A problem with your plumbing can lead to expensive property damage, so we asked our plumbing team to share some tips.

  • Know where your main water shut-off valve is located in case you need to turn off your water supply.
  • If a water heater ruptures, it could flood the basement. If this happens, do not enter the basement; it could be dangerous. Call us first to evaluate the situation.
  • Older shut-off valves have washers that can wear out, making it difficult to turn them off completely. We recommend replacing an older valve with a ball valve.
  • If the pressure-release valve on your boiler keeps tripping, call us to inspect it, because you may need a new expansion device or a pressure-relief valve.
  • Make sure you have shut off the water supply to all outdoor valves and drained all the water from the pipes to prevent freeze-ups. You may want to disconnect outside valves — or upgrade to frost-free spigots.