We Have What You Need

Martin Romanelli

Dear Friends,

For a lot of folks, when something goes wrong, there’s often a mad scramble to get ahold of a repairman. But as a Burt’s Reliable customer, you know that you only need one number to call, whether you have a problem with your heating, your plumbing or your air conditioning.

We understand that people basically want to keep things simple. As our customer, you know that you can trust the person we send to make a repair. Many of our customers trust us so much that they actually give us the keys to their home!

It means a lot that you place your trust in us in this way, but we know you wouldn’t do it if we hadn’t come through for you in the past. Nothing gives us greater pride or pleasure than to make our customers happy, because we know that they won’t go anywhere as long as we keep up the good work.

Winter is the time when you really depend on us, and you can count on us to be there for you all through the cold weather — and beyond.

Martin Romanelli