Repair or Replace?

The question comes up often when customers get an estimate for yet another repair job on their heating equipment. Most well-maintained systems can last for 20 years, but even with regular maintenance, efficiency declines over time. New equipment is more efficient than ever, but a new heating system is an investment, so it’s important to consider both the up-front and long-term costs.

Maintenance repairing

The up-front cost is what you pay for your system, minus rebates or discounts. Higher energy-efficiency ratings come at a higher cost.

But a low price doesn’t necessarily indicate a good buy. Consider the costs incurred over the system’s life span, which correlate to the equipment’s quality and durability, its maintenance, its energy efficiency and the quality of the installation.

Our home-comfort pros will take the time to listen to what you want, then help you evaluate your options and get the best system for your home — and your budget.

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